The Blind‘s Welfare Foundation from Romania “Orbul Bartimeu” has been founded ever since 1994 and its purpose is to help and support the persons with sight deficiencies as well as their families and other persons in difficulty, no matter age, sex or cult. Our foundation proposes itself to support persons who are in need or sick, families with a large number of children, persons with sever or light handicaps, abandoned children, old people who have no incomes and are distressed as following to a natural or ecological disaster, persons socially misfit, children of the street, orphans, persons without families, victims of domestic or social violence, etc with food, clothing, correction glasses, wheelchairs, canes, medicines (a brand new drugstore with a specialized doctor in general medicine which performs free consults two days a week), supplies for schools, uniforms.

Until today the Foundation has 3870 members all around the country, most of them with 1st and 2nd degree sight difficulties who are in need of permanent attendance but also with other affections from which 1030 are children that come from families with precarious financial situations or even orphans and 68 old people who are bed stranded from Suceava to whom we offer assistance and medical care weekly, this action being hardened by the fact that we don‘t dispose of our own transportation. Monthly or quarterly (according to our possibilities) packages are sent to members all around the country and these packages imply pretty high postal expenses. Among the foundation‘s objectives are the improvements of the persons in difficulty‘s life through the moral and material support given, which consists of: food, clothing, medicines, toys, medical supplies, home appliances, farming tools, money, open talks on different themes, organized classes and seminars, organized trips, etc.

We propose ourselves to work in optimum relations with physical and juridical persons, with institution and foundations from Romania and from abroad who share our love for our fellows who are in desperate situations and who‘s common objectives are to help the poor, the family with many children, the abandoned and without incomes old persons, the sick, the persons with severe or light handicaps, the children of the streets, the abandoned children, the socially marginalized persons and so on.

Our wish to make more for these persons, who sometimes live in conditions hard to imagine, is according to our sponsors generosity.

The pharmaceutical point for pain relief

The doctor, with a 23 year experience in general medicine, is at the disposal of all the persons with sight difficulties everywhere, of all age and sex and at any hour of the day. She offers medical consultation and releases medicines on account of the medical prescription. At the same time she gives further explanation as to how each medicine is to be administered.

The pharmaceutical point inside the foundation has all the legal documents necessary in order to function and is equipped with a wide range of medicines for the acute needs of the people with sight difficulties as well as for the needy persons.

The families who are in financial and social difficulties are encouraged to find a place to work through our foundation‘s guidance and support, so that they can sustain their own family.

We offer help to the needy through the help of others

The foundation HELPS others through her volunteers who are giving a hand with the packaging of the clothes and shoes items, of the appliances and of the food for each family according to the number of members, their sex and age.

The future of the young formed by the computer‘s technology

With the help of 6 computers, a number of 12 children with ages between 7 and 15 are assisted twice a week in their efforts to discover the use of the computer. Also through this they are encouraged to collaborate, know and help each other.

The foundations rewards the children with a strong will to learn, and on holydays all the children and their families receive presents through the kindness of our sponsors.